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Bring the Pot Head workshop to you... Now you can join the Pot Head community from the safety of your home, with The Pot Heads Postal Pottery Package! Enjoy the workshop with friends and family, even if you are apart by following the video tutorial together online.

The Pot Heads are all about encouraging people to embrace the sensory experience of playing with clay. Focussing on our hands and enjoying the mindful process of sculpting and forming is a wonderful way of relaxing the mind. I wanted to continue to share the natural, calming effect of my workshops throughout lockdown, so I decided to create these postal parcels.


Order a Postal Pottery Package to your door with everything you need to create your own plant pot pal in a fun, relaxing and tactile workshop. Get those hands dirty and enjoy getting in touch with your silly side! The Pot Head workshops have been popular with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds and each and every pot is as awesome and unique as the potter who created it. The Pot Heads encourage first time potters to join in and have a go, and are on a mission to make the joy of pottery accessible to everyone


Each pack contains...

Terracotta Air-Dry Clay

Succulent or Cactus 'Hairstyle'

Sculpting Tools

Coloured Paper & Pens


A3 'Hall Of Fame' Poster (for inspiration!)

LTD EDITION Pot Heads Stickers

Aftercare Guide

Video Tutorial or Access to Live Zoom Session



x 1 Pot Head - £28
x Pair of Pot Heads - £42
(designed for two potters doing the workshop together at the same address)
x Family Pack - £80
(designed for 4 potters to do the workshop together at the same address)

* For offers on multiple orders, please get in touch :)

The kits are jam-packed with goodies, and I have aimed to make them a really fun and exciting package to receive, open and enjoy... An amazing gift for a loved one, or for a special treat to yourself!

I am offering a discount for NHS and Key Workers as well as concessions for unemployed folk. As some places are experiencing further lockdowns, I am also offering a discount for those in affected areas. (please contact me for details:

For EVERY Pot Head made, £1 will be donated to a charitable cause


I am a firm believer in a healthy dose of creative silliness, and feel that it is needed now more than ever in difficult times like these which can feel far too serious!

I first began running Pot Head workshops in 2019 because I was inspired to see how the therapeutic and playful nature of clay could bring groups together. I love sharing the joy of creativity, and hope that The Pot Heads can continue to connect people with both each other and with their own creativity through these packages... You can find out more about The Pot Head movement on the About page.


The workshop can be enjoyed as a solo activity, or alongside others, and a pair of potters could also collaborate on creating a pot together. I am offering a few options for the workshop...

1. Follow the pre-recorded video tutorial
For those who wish to potter in their own time, in the video I will guide you step-by-step to create your Pot Head character... like in a real life workshop but you can pause me to get a cup of tea!

2. Book a live video session with me
Physical distancing doesn't have to mean social distancing and I am enjoying facilitating live video workshops for groups of friends and families who are separated and want to enjoy a fun, creative activity together. I am also happy to do 1-1 sessions for those who would like a little more guidance, advice and support when creating their pots. I am offering these sessions via Zoom for just £25 for a 1.5 hour workshop, please contact me for more info.


If you would like to send a package as a gift, I am happy to include a personalised note for you :)



- I am following government guidelines and all of the kits will be prepared in a clean, sterile environment with as much care taken as possible. Once you have received your package, you can take the extra precaution of leaving the box for 24h before opening.

- I am using the Royal Mail postal service and sending packages second class. Most parcels are arriving within 2-3 days of posting, though some are taking longer to arrive due to delays with postal services. First class postage is available, if you would like to choose this faster option please add it on to your purchase order below by selecting FIRST CLASS POSTAGE (please note that if you are ordering more than 2x pots, you will need to double the extra postage)

- Due to being a little overwhelmed by high numbers of orders, there may be a short wait until your package can be dispatched. Your order will join the back of the queue and be processed as soon as possible. Get in touch if you need your order to arrive by a specific date.


Contact me at to discuss your order and for more information.


Image of The Pot Heads Postal Pottery Package Image of The Pot Heads Postal Pottery Package Image of The Pot Heads Postal Pottery Package Image of The Pot Heads Postal Pottery Package