The Pot Heads were born when community artist Tasha Bee began working at Fired Up Ceramics, a pottery studio in Bristol that supports individuals with learning difficulties and autism. An artist that works across many mediums, Tasha fell completely in love with the playful nature of clay.

Initially the idea of the simple plant pot with facial features and a plant for it's hair was a focus for a group activity and a fun workshop. The Pot Heads have been growing in population since then and now Tasha enjoys creating and selling her own colourful plant-loving pals, as well as facilitating workshops for people to enjoy creating their own! 

At The Pot Head Shop you can adopt a pot, order a custom pot, or book a Pot Head workshop and make your own!  

If you have any enquiries or special requests, Tasha would be happy to hear from you - you can get in touch with her via email at potheads@tashabee.com