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Hi, my name is Tasha! I founded Pot Heads Pottery through working with a variety of different groups in the community to facilitate creative sessions - I began to use clay a lot as I learned how versatile, tactile and completely mesmerising it was as a material to work with and as I fell in love with it's playful nature, I began to experiment with the idea of creating pots that had personality! I developed a simple, step-by-step method to building a pot that could be mastered by anyone and played around with transforming them in to characters ... and so the Pot Heads were born!

I am passionate about the powers of creative play and how this can aid social connection and wellbeing, and with a background of working with vulnerable and marginalised groups in the community, I am particularly interested in working alongside different groups and organisations to spread the pottery joy far and wide, and to make creative play accessible to all!

I work locally to Bristol with a variety of organisations such as The Princes Trust, NHS, Bristol Autism Project, Starlight Children's Charity and more.

I offer heavily reduced rates for charities and organisations that work with vulnerable groups, as well as offering a limited amount of free sessions per year - if you work with a group of people, or an individual who could benefit from some playful pottery joy,